What is Baby Foodie?

Baby Foodie offers parents traveling with little ones, peace of mind and convenient options for purchasing food, formula and products for babies, toddlers, and breastfeeding mothers. Providing easy and convenient options to feed your little ones allows you to relax and enjoy your travels!

Why Baby Foodie?

Baby Foodie was created after my husband and I were traveling during the holidays with our then 8 month old daughter.  We were going through security when our only jar of baby food we had remaining due to our careful planning and preparation of how much baby food to bring for our multiple flights and the length of our stay at our family’s house, crashed to the floor during TSA screening.  Being first-time parents, we assured each other that we could easily replace it at a store once we got through security but were surprised to find there was nowhere to purchase baby food inside the airport.  Fortunately, I was still breastfeeding so that was a backup plan.  Though a rushed public feeding in my cramped airplane seat wasn’t ideal, it worked this time, but left us wondering what we would have done in the same predicament if breastfeeding wasn’t an option…

This led to my determination to provide ways to ease the burden of tired, stressed traveling parents with little ones by giving traveling parents options for feeding their babies. Even the most prepared parents may not be able to plan for everything like airport screening mishaps, unexpected layovers, delays, or rerouted flights.  I know Baby Foodie will help minimize the challenge and stress of traveling with little ones. Check out the blog for travel inspiration, information, and advice!

Owner of Baby Foodie

About Me

My name is Rachael Obermann, owner of Baby Foodie, wife, and stay-at-home mom of two little ones. I love spending time with my family, traveling, watching travel and food shows, playing the piano, coffee, cooking, eating, and reading a good book.

Thank you for your interest and support for Baby Foodie!