Author: babyfoodie

Holiday Travel Advice for Your Comfort & Joy

The busy holiday travel season is here and I’m sure you are more than ready to reconnect with family or escape to that long-awaited vacation destination.  While there are always things that happen unexpectedly while traveling, there are ways to help your travels go more smoothly… Arriving at the airport early is always the way […]

Packing List Template

With the holiday travel season starting soon and having just recently completed our first flight last week since having our second child in March 2020 and since COVID measures have been put into place, I thought that sharing my packing list may be helpful for others planning their next trip with their little ones.  I’ve […]

The More You Know…USDOT, FAA, TSA

It’s important to know all your options while traveling with kids so you can make the informed decisions necessary to help your trip go smoothly.  One way to utilize your resources is to review the wealth of information regarding flight rules on the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), and Transportation […]

The Breastfeeding Mom’s Travel Essentials

Traveling with your baby is enough of a challenge but traveling for the breastfeeding mother presents a whole new set of challenges.  One challenge is not being able to have all the comforts of home that make the frequent breastfeeding sessions easier, like your nursing pillow, favorite spot on the couch, being in your own […]