Author: Rachael Obermann

Organizing Your Family Trip – Part 2: Preparing

So once you’ve settled on your dream destination, the timeframe that works with your schedule, and all the activities and experiences that have piqued your curiosity and matched your interests, it’s time to add some reality to your trip goals and start preparing for departure.  This means it’s time to start factoring in budget, finalizing […]

Organizing Your Family Trip – Part 1: Planning

What better time to start preparing for your next trip than right now?  The busy travel season is approaching especially for family travel with kids finishing up school and warmer summer weather on its way.  It’s good to be prepared for anything while traveling this year since airline staffing issues, rising airline ticket prices, elevated […]


This past weekend, I finally made it to the nearest passport photo location with my husband, almost four-year old and two year old.  I’ve been planning to get us all passports since my youngest was born.  That afternoon while filling out passport applications and booking passport appointments, I found myself reminiscing on my past travels […]

PlayShifu Interactive Globe

The PlayShifu interactive globe is a great learning tool to discover new places and learn about animals, cultures, cuisines, and more around the world. My husband and I got our children this globe for Christmas, and even though they are only three and two years old, they love it! Their favorite thing is to take […]

Now Open!

Next time you’re traveling in Seattle, stop by the new Baby Foodie vending machine in the North Satellite terminal on the mezzanine level by the nursing suites and Alaska Airlines lounge for snacks, formula, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and hand sanitizing wipes. See the list of products here: forward to sharing more helpful travel resources […]