20 Ways to Save Money on Your Family Vacation

#1. Have flexible travel dates & destinations
#2. Travel during off season
#3. Check your credit cards, airlines & memberships like Costco for travel deals & mileage perks
#4. Book accommodations in a quiet place on the fringes of a big city & day trip in to sightsee
#5. Eat street food
#6. Eat a bigger lunch & less at dinner
#7. Book accommodation with meals included or kitchen access to prepare your own meals
#8. Book tickets & reservations in advance to eliminate the need to pay late fees, expedited rates or inflated last minute costs
#9. Watch out for scams! A little research about your destination before you arrive about what you should expect to pay for food, transport & products will help you recognize when you’re being scammed
#10. Bring a guidebook or ask locals for insights on best things to see or eat affordably
#11. Stick to your budget & track expenses (Download a trip budget template here)
#12. Use public transportation
#13. Buy your souvenirs at the market, not the airport
#14. Live like the locals! Find out where the locals spend their time & money
#15. Use transportation, city & museum passes
#16. Prepay for as many things as you can before leaving to avoid surprise expenses & impulse spending
#17. Check currency conversion rates
#18. Listen to virtual guided tours or podcasts instead of paying for a private tour
#19. Save your receipts! You can apply at the airport for sales tax refund within the United States or a VAT refund, for purchases in Europe
#20. Use communication apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype to save on cellular roaming fees