My Family Travel Favorites

TSA Approved Toiletry Bag
These bags make it easy to make sure all our liquids are 3 oz. or smaller and in one place to make getting through airport security screening so much easier.  I also use them to store wet clothes or towels in while living out of suitcases.  It’s also helpful for keeping all the liquids in one place in the diaper bag for ease of access and to avoid spills.

Antibacterial Paper Soap Sheets
I always make sure to have some of these soap sheets with me while traveling for those inconvenient times when the airport or airplane bathrooms are out of soap or on family camping trips.  They are small, light and perfect for use while on the go.

Tray Table Covers
I love a product that has multiple applications while traveling.  This tray table cover can be used for entertainment, airplane tray cover, or restaurant or picnic table placemat to name a few.  They have adhesive on the back to keep it in place and now you won’t have to worry about the germs on the tray or cleaning crayon, marker, or food off the surface before you leave the plane.

Foldable Toilet Seat
I can’t say enough about what a huge convenience this foldable toilet seat has been for me while traveling with a child who is potty training.  It provides consistency and makes using larger public toilets more accessible and comfortable for little ones.

GloPals Water-Activated Bath Toys Light-Up Cubes
We gifted these to our kids this past Christmas in anticipation of our trip to visit family and my kids loved them!  I love them too as they are entertaining, easy to pack and quick drying bath toys that eliminates the need to bring bulk bath toys that hold water on our travels.

Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump Wipes
Even though my breastfeeding and pumping days are behind me, this was a must-have item for me while traveling.  They are easy to pack and use to keep breast pump part clean until I could properly sterilize or thoroughly wash and dry the pumping equipment.  Just throw them into the diaper bag or carry-on to use while away from home.

ThinkBaby Sunscreen Stick
If you’re heading some place sunny, these sunscreen sticks are a great way to protect baby’s skin, easy to apply, and also guarantees you won’t arrive at your destination with sunscreen exploded all over the items in your luggage!


Every parent knows how important activities are while on vacation.  My kids are energetic and have a short attention span, so I make sure to bring a variety of activities to keep them engaged while traveling.  I like to bring the kids’ favorite toys but also get new activities specifically for our trip.  It gives the kids something to anticipate and to be excited about after we board the plane and may hold their attention longer.  Here are just a few of my favorite, travel friendly activities:

  • Books
  • Writing Tablets
  • Crayola Color Wonder
  • Magnetic Tin Play Sets
  • Sticker Books (Melissa & Doug are a personal favorite)
  • Water Wow